• Move In / Move Out

    We do a full fridge clean, inside-and-out of all cupboards, walls and light fixtures.


    We move your fridge and stove out, clean inside your oven (if self-cleaning, then please run it before we get there), wipe all doors and door frames, clean bathrooms thoroughly including walls, baseboards and inside windows. We also wipe down and pull out and clean behind your washer and dryer.


    Time: Dependent on size and condition of home, how much debris or garbage is left the average time to do a move-out clean on a house is 6-10 hours or apartment 4-6 hours.


    • Clean cabinets, drawers and doors inside and out
    • Clean microwave inside and out
    • Range, hood, filter and fan
    • Clean and dust lighting and other fixtures
    • Clean oven inside, outside, and underneath
    • Clean refrigerator inside, outside, and underneath
    • Scrub sink, faucet, and counter tops
    • Vacuum and mop floor
    • Clean windows and window sill
    • Dust and remove cobwebs
    • Wipe down baseboards


    • Clean shower, tub, and faucet
    • Clean sink, countertops, and faucet
    • Clean the toilet inside and outside
    • Wipe down and clean cabinets and drawers inside and out
    • Clean fixtures and towel bar
    • Mop floor
    • Clean mirror and any windows and window sill
    • Wipe down baseboards

    Living Areas:

    • Vacuum carpets and stairs
    • Clean all windows and window sills
    • Wipe down baseboards
    • Mop entryways and other hard surface floors
    • Dust and remove cobwebs
    • Wipe down walls
    • Clean fireplace
    • Door knobs throughout the house
    • Electrical outlets throughout the house
    • Clean and dust blinds
    • Wipe down lighting and fixtures
    • Wipe down inside and outside of doors
    • Clean laundry area – top front, sides, inside and under machines (if staying in home)