• The Cleaning & Household Service You've Always Wanted

    Professional domestic staff who are certified COVID-19 cleaners that care about making your world clean and safe.

  • We've been providing quality services since 2012.

    Are you tired of doing it all your self? Are you frustrated with hiring people that don't care?

    Our mission at Saving Grace Cleaning and Services is to provide high-quality services for our valued clients.


    Our team goes above and beyond to cater to each client's specific needs. Through clear communication and exceptional service, we continue to provide you with what you are looking for in the service.


    Saving Grace Cleaning and Services provide cleanings of any frequency i.e., weekly, bi-weekly and occasional cleaning service of consistent quality with the use of eco-friendly products.

  • We Can Customize Our Services Exclusive to Your Needs

    Cleaning may be our main service in this business, but it doesn't stop there. We also have provided custom services from carpet/furniture, exterior windows cleaning, sorting/organizing clothes & linen closets, kitchen cupboards, grocery shopping, graffiti removal, transporting truck loads of garbage / yard waste to the dumpster. The list is endless.

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    Sanitizer/Disinfectant Saving Grace Cleaning & services.

    Sanitizer/Disinfectant Saving Grace Cleaning & services.

    We live in an environment with dirt, bacteria and germs. Cleaning your home appropriately daily can protect you and your family from harmful germs or viruses.
    Use for household cleaning purposes as needed
    Clean common areas: Use on door handles, toilet seats, and in any surface that might need it.

    Perfect for use on light switches, public toilet seats, or even smelly shoes.

    Clean your electronics: Phones, computers and remotes are high touch surfaces. Avoid using rubbing alcohol since that may damage your devices. Instead, use our spray on a clean cloth to to wipe down your electronics.
    Coming soon
  • It's Simple to Work with Saving Grace

    You're going to love this.



    Tell us how we can help you and when and where you need us.



    You get full transparency on all our fees so there's no mystery.



    Expert services performed on-time, on budget, and with grace.



    Relax and have fun in your own—spend more time enjoying life!

  • Why choose Saving Grace?

    Experience the difference.



    You Can Trust Our Training

    We're insured, bonded, and we hire hardworking people who care deeply about performing their tasks expertly. Every employee is carefully trained and we don't sub-contract, never ever.


    Get What You Pay For

    We have a pricing structure that is fair for everyone. That's code for, we're not the cheapest in town but we have happy employees and our clients love our consistent and caring services. 


    You Want Zero Risks

    We understand cleaning protocols at a very deep level, every detail is considered when we work in your home or office. Our staff members are certified and talented and you want that. 


    You Need Confidence

    We stand behind our work. If you're unsure we can introduce you to some of our clients and you can ask questions behind our backs, we're not scared (neither should you).

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  • We Partner With Some Amazing Businesses

    Trust us, they're awesome.

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    Rockie specializes in marriage counseling, couples therapy and relationship coaching for couples, singles and divorced.

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    We are an aromatherapy company that only uses natural, raw, organic ingredients whenever possible , and for some products, make our own herbal infused oils.

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